Am I able to design my own store card?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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Whenever you walk into or out of a major consumer store, the chances are you will quickly be greeted by a bright display which features an advertising slogan and a picture of a store card offering you great discounts and offers when you shop in store. Store cards are becoming increasingly popular right around the UK and in a time of credit crisis, many families are looking for every way they can to cut down costs – this is where store cards can really come in handy.

With the ability to save you small amounts off each shop – and in a time where every little bit counts – store cards have the ability to really draw in clients and entice them with new and innovative offers, or just plain old cash back for their purchases. But in order for these store cards to work effectively they have to entice people to actually purchase them in the first place and that’s where the design, style and advertising campaigns play a crucial role in making consumers aware of what they are and how they can help.

What are the benefits of a custom store card?

Store cards can bring about a whole host of benefits to anyone who does sign up for one, some common benefits that you may associate with a store card include:

  • The ability to retain customers by offering sale items to store card holders
  • The ability to attract new customers through store card special deals
  • The ability to gather customer information to send out promotional information
  • The ability to offer small savings to customers in return for customer retention
  • The ability to encourage store card owners to stay away from competitor stores.

How can I personalise a store card?

If your business is interested in using a store card system then there is a number of ways that you can personalise your cards. When the cards are manufactured designs can be imprinted upon the cards with the logos, colours and styles that you require. This allows you to give a very personal feel to your card, continue to promote your brand logo, and also really make your store card stand out from the crowd and grab attention.

Plastic Card Hub

As part of the PCS Group of companies, the Plastic Card Hub* has been created to make designing and ordering your plastic cards simple and easy. Specialising in shorter-run orders compared to our parent company Plastic Card Services, you can create truly bespoke cards featuring a number of options and order the exact amount of cards you need instantly and securely online through the Hub.