Smart cards

About smart card printing from PCS

Smart cards and their corresponding technology are rising in popularity due to their versatility and robustness, and the global smart card market has witnessed continuous growth during the past few years. As a reliable smart card manufacturer, Precision Card Services produces RFID smart cards that can easily manage, store, protect and provide access to highly secure data. At the same time, readers are maintenance-free and work in difficult environments, unaffected by humidity or adverse conditions.


MIFARE registered partner

Our Registered Partner Status provides customers with added reassurance of the consistency and reliability of our products. The leading product families available for smart card solutions are MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Ultralight and SmartMX.


Chip encoding

Having full card production facilities enables us to print and manufacture smart cards as well as encode the chips.


Contact or contactless

We provide two main categories of smart cards: “contactless” (RFID) chip cards that only need to be within close proximity of the reader and “contact” chip cards that need to be inserted into a reader for the surface mounted chip to read.

Interested in this product?

Whether you are looking for contactless or contact chip smart cards, our team of card specialists can help.

Why our smart cards are great

UK manufacture

Manufactured to rigorous ISO standards at our own purpose built production facility in the North West.


A full range of environmentally friendly materials available.

High level of finish

High quality print finishing including glitter, metallic, spot UV, foil print and foil edging.

Quality materials

Made using the best construction of quality materials to ensure durability.

Precision thickness

Available in 300, 480, 500, 760, 810 and 920 micron versions.

Designed for you

Showcase your brand with either a matt or gloss finish.