Loyalty cards

About the product

A plastic loyalty card is widely recognised as the easiest and best way to maintain long-term customer commitment and as such is well established today. Regardless of any economic climate, customer retention is paramount to the long-term success of your business – and loyalty cards are all about making customers think of your company first when a buying decision is being made, not only do they provide a great marketing opportunity, but are a constant reminder to your customers every time they open their wallet or purse.

Loyalty card
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Engage customers

We specialise in creating unique loyalty cards to engage customers and make them think of you when making a buying decision rather than being hidden within a mountain of apps on a phone.


Increase profitability

Strengthen brand loyalty whilst providing valuable data, marketing opportunities and ultimately increasing long-term profitability.


Loyalty software

We work alongside several loyalty software companies enabling us to advise you on systems that suit your needs.

Interested in this product?

Whether you are looking to start a brand new loyalty scheme or move from an existing supplier, feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced card specialists who will be happy to help you.

Why our cards are great

UK manufacture

Manufactured to rigorous ISO standards at our own purpose built production facility in the North West.


A full range of environmentally friendly materials available.

High level of finish

High quality print finishing including glitter, metallic, spot UV, foil print and foil edging.

Quality materials

Made using the best construction of quality materials to ensure durability.

Precision thickness

Available in 300, 480, 500, 760, 810 and 920 micron versions.

Designed for you

Showcase your brand with either a matt or gloss finish.