Card & fob

About card & key fob printing from PCS

Our custom 2-part snap-off cards consist of a plastic card with an integrated fob (or fobs) which easily snap apart, offering additional functionality to the main card and convenience to your customer. This dual format key fob card is an increasingly popular choice that can increase the uptake of a campaign, ultimately benefiting both the card scheme provider and the end customer.

Card Fob
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Choice of material & finish

Our card and fobs are manufactured to the same rigorous standards as standard cards and are available in a choice of materials with either a matt or gloss finish.


Signature panels & barcodes

Signature panels and barcodes can be utilised on both the card and fob areas allowing dual functionality and convenience for the customer.



We are uniquely placed to camera match and mount a personalised plastic card and associated fob onto personalised letters and mail to the end user.

Interested in this product?

The combination of a key fob and traditional card as part of a well-placed card campaign can improve usability and the uptake of a scheme, ultimately benefiting both the card scheme provider and the end customer. Get in touch with one of our card specialists to find out more.

Why our card and fobs are great

UK manufacture

Manufactured to rigorous ISO standards at our own purpose built production facility in the North West.


A full range of environmentally friendly materials available.

High level of finish

High quality print finishing including glitter, metallic, spot UV, foil print and foil edging.

Quality materials

Made using the best construction of quality materials to ensure durability.

Precision thickness

Available in 300, 480, 500, 760, 810 and 920 micron versions.

Designed for you

Showcase your brand with either a matt or gloss finish.