The highest quality recyclable & eco-degradable plastic cards

Plastic cards for every occasion

Greater accessibility, better security, improved convenience and increased customer loyalty are some of the many benefits recyclable plastic cards can give you.

Thanks to modern technology and enhanced printing applications, the scope for using recyclable plastic cards has grown significantly. Gift, membership, loyalty, hotel key, reward, library, helpline, identity, information, insurance, access control, banking, credit card style, privilege, telephone and asset tracking tags are just a few of the types Precision Card Services® manufactures.

Enviro cards

All products in our Enviro card range perform to the same exacting standards as standard PVC but offer a greener alternative.

Loyalty cards

Customer retention is paramount, and loyalty cards are all about making customers think of your company first when making a buying decision.

Gift cards

Gift cards help build brand awareness and are an excellent marketing tool satisfying the impulse purchase criteria and therefore increasing profitability.

Hotel key cards

Our highly reliable hotel key cards operate freely with the full range of electronic locks available on the market.

Membership cards

A high quality plastic membership card can help boost the image of a club or organisation and create a long lasting and positive impression with members.

Smart cards

These cards can be used in a number of applications and have the ability to easily manage, store, protect and provide access to highly secure data.

Key fobs

These durable miniature plastic cards can be personalised by name, number or even a barcode to work with any scanning systems you have in place.

Card & fob

A plastic card with an integrated fob (or fobs) adding supplementary functionality to the main card.

Credit card style cards

Providing the same dependability as any important card you own, our credit card style cards can be used for a number of applications.

RFID contactless shields

We have developed patented contactless shielding technology to prevent ‘accidental payments’, ‘card clash’ and ‘digital pickpocketing’.

Library cards

As experts in barcode symbology, we produce library cards that read reliably throughout the life cycle of the card.

Photo id cards

Staff photo id cards provide fast, secure and effective verification of an individual’s identity.

PCS video card

The PCS Video Card allows your customers to add a personal and private video message to their gift cards.

Packaging & stationery

From simple card carriers and letters to more detailed and bespoke packaging and mailing packs to match your brand.