RFID contactless shields

About the product

Through extensive research and development in conjunction with VoyagerBlue, we have developed patented contactless shielding technology to prevent ‘accidental payments’, ‘card clash’ and ‘digital pickpocketing’ that can be incorporated into any type of plastic card such as loyalty or membership cards, which means it can simply be slipped into the wallet or purse next to the contactless cards being protected.

RFID Contactless Shields
RFID Contactless Shields Image
RFID Contactless Shields


Stand-alone or combination

This patented technology can be incorporated into any type of plastic card, such as loyalty cards or be used as a stand-alone product and can be simply slipped into the wallet or purse next to the contactless cards to be protected.


Prevents risks

This contactless shielding technology prevents ‘accidental payments’, ‘card clash’ and ‘digital pickpocketing’ by blocking the signals RFID readers use to access the data on contactless cards.


ePassport shield

Also available in an ePassport Shield format to provide protection to biometric passports – this works in a similar way, by simply inserting the Passport Shield into the ePassport.

Interested in this product?

Interested in finding out a bit more about the benefits of this patented shielding technology, then get in touch with one of our card experts.

Why our cards are great

UK manufacture

Manufactured to rigorous ISO standards at our own purpose built production facility in the North West.


A full range of environmentally friendly materials available.

High level of finish

High quality print finishing including glitter, metallic, spot UV, foil print and foil edging.

Quality materials

Made using the best construction of quality materials to ensure durability.

Precision thickness

Available in 300, 480, 500, 760, 810 and 920 micron versions.

Designed for you

Showcase your brand with either a matt or gloss finish.