The brief

Lancashire based supermarket group Booths loyalty card and fob scheme is hugely popular as it offers customers a range of benefits from exclusive in-store discounts to free regular hot drinks every day as well as electronic receipts.

At the point of tendering the contract, Booths were having difficulty ensuring the correct cards were mailed to the relevant card holders so it was imperative that whoever won the contract had an efficient and accurate method of mailing.

With a proven track record of successful mailing schemes, Precision Card Services were awarded the contract which is for the production of a combined ‘credit card’ and ‘key fob’ requiring specialist punching equipment.

Meeting the challenge

At the initial stage of the contract Precision Card Services created an SFTP account to provide quick, secure data transfer between both parties on a weekly basis. Additionally data specialists from Precision Card Services advised Booths on data formatting to ensure consistent file structure therefore minimising the risk of error.

A thorough and robust proofing process was set in place so that physical mailing packs are scanned from various points within the data file to provide the client with the peace of mind that the data is correct and the cards are correctly matched.
The base stock of cards are litho printed using a specific PMS colour on a KBA Genius 52UV Waterless litho press which offers exceptional print quality whilst reducing emissions of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

The cards are matt laminated on the front, with a high build clear gloss UV effect on the surface which is screen printed after lamination has taken place using the Svecia screen press. The reverse of the card has a gloss finish to ensure a better bond for the over-printed barcode and number. Finally the card has a screen printed signature panel on the reverse to enable members to sign their name again using the Svecia screen press. Once the generic cards are completed they are held in stock at Precision Card Services awaiting ongoing personalisation and fulfilment.

PCS also highlighted the card personalisation which was duplex (double sided) on the existing layout – with a simple design change, the personalisation of all information could be placed on the reverse, providing a slick and functional design at half the processing cost.

Meeting the challenge (con’t)

The voucher forms were integrated into the covering letter/card carrier with patterned perforations to reduce on material cost and ensure the fulfilment process was extremely efficient. The C5 outer envelope was adjusted to the unusual, yet eye-catching portrait layout; as a result, extensive work was required to ensure the mailing addresses and Mailmark codes within the envelope window met with strict Royal Mail regulations.

Upon receipt of the weekly data files via SFTP, the data experts at Precision Card Services process the file and output it as print ready files for the various stages of personalisation.

The cards are personalised at 720dpi with a barcode and number using Atlantic Zeiser’s VISA approved drop on demand (DoD) equipment. Pre-printed letterheads are simplex laser personalised and folded to A5 on a GUK folder before the corresponding card is match and attached using Kirk Rudy matching equipment and camera verified using Lake Image camera systems. Finally, the packs are enclosed into a C5 windowed envelope on swing arm enclosing lines to avoid potential feed issues which could occur on rotary systems, sealed and mailed using a downstream access provider to maximise efficiencies and allow Booths to benefit from bulk mailing costs.

The results

Where Precision Card Services excels against the competition which proved critical for this mailing scheme is having the ability to camera read/verify the personalised data on the underneath of the card during the attaching process. This means the brand image is not compromised and the initial impact of receiving the card is not lost as to card can be attached with the Booths branding face up. Precision Card Services use specially adapted Kirk Rudy systems, coupled with Lake Imaging cameras to facilitate this process which in turn has resulted in an accuracy record of 100%.

Booths are delighted with the way the scheme is running and the Booths card continues to be a huge success. 

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