Can I customise a store card to meet the needs of my business?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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In a tough economic climate where businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to drive customers in through the door, store cards have emerged as a popular option to help retain customers and draw new customers in through creative promotions and reward schemes.

Store cards provide an opportunity for businesses to really reach out to their clients and offer them reward schemes and programs which encourage them to spend in-store with the promise of a reward points system and often a redemption gift at the end of it. So if your business is looking to take this approach then chances are you will be looking to implement a store card system which highlights the branding and style of your business – and therefore you will be looking to customise a store card to meet your needs.

How does a store card work?

Store cards are a relatively basic concept which are designed for a high-yield return over a long-term investment. In most cases store cards are offered to customers as a free membership scheme, but with the idea that the customers will feel that they are “earning” reward points and will therefore be encouraged to return to shop at your store time and time again.

Membership cards can be a great way to get an edge over your competitor – even if you are stocking a product at a similar price, the idea of being able to collate points which can be redeemed at a later stage could be enough to get your store over the line, and to encourage customers to continue to shop with you time and time again.

What are the benefits of a store card to my business?

Businesses can benefit significantly from store cards which are implemented in an effective manner and some key benefits that your business can see include:

  • An increase in repeat customers
  • Attraction of new customers to the store
  • Increased spending caused by active in-store promotions
  • Product exposure through a well-branded store card
  • The ability for your staff to promote your brand regularly.