Can I have more than one loyalty card?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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If you are looking to save money and be rewarded for continually shopping at the same place, then chances are that you will have looked to join a loyalty card scheme. Designed to reward people who shop at the same place time and time again, loyalty cards can help you to accumulate points each time you spend which in turn can be exchanged for gifts, store credit or a range of other products.

Although you may be the type of person who only ever really shops in one type of store, chances are that you will have at least one supermarket, one beauty store and one hardware store that are your favourites, and if you do find yourself in this position then you may need to have more than one loyalty card – in fact you may need to have one loyalty card for each store!

What benefits can a loyalty card give me?

Loyalty cards bring about a whole host of benefits to anyone who chooses to use them and if you are looking to cut costs then they can be a great way to do this efficiently and effectively. Loyalty cards are a great way to accumulate cash back without even knowing it and over time you may even be surprised to realise exactly how much money you have managed to accumulate over time.

Loyalty cards can reward you for shopping at the same place by offering you cash back, discounts and members-only benefits which can help to cut the cost of your regular spend and save you money on products that you would likely have bought anyway!

Why might I have more than one loyalty card?

If you tend to shop at a number of different stores then chances are that you will end up with more than one loyalty card. This is not uncommon and stores don’t restrict you from having more than one loyalty card, in fact in the long run it can usually benefit you as you will be able to claim discounts from multiple retailers and therefore save more money.