Can you use your own designs when choosing a plastic card?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 24.06.2014
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With so many new businesses and organisations emerging each year, it is getting increasingly difficult to offer something that is different and unique. For each industry and sector there is an endless amount of competition and so attracting potential new clients has never been harder and as a result many companies are finding themselves going out of business. Creating a niche is a must if you are to survive and one simple way of achieving this is by personalising your plastic cards.

Plastic cards are one of the most frequently used commodities throughout the world and as such they are used to serve many different purposes. People use plastic cards for banking, identification, membership and so on, meaning that they can have several cards on their person at any one time and as such they could become forgotten and stored away. Personalised plastic cards on the other hand can be tailored to meet your specific needs and make them more desirable to your customers.

One of the biggest benefits of having a plastic card is that you are free to create custom designs to whatever specifications you desire. This is a very useful benefit because having the ability to create a unique design can help differentiate you from the competition and help to establish a brand which your customers can associate with.

When it comes to designing your own plastic card, there are a few important characteristics that you should take into account, such as:

How your business will be portrayed –membership cards, gift cards and business cards will be handed to your clients on a regular basis and as such you should be looking to give them a professional image, from the colour scheme, logos and any message you want to share.

What features it will have – depending on what type of industry your business operates in, or what kind of uses the card will be intended for, there are a variety of features that could come in handy. Features such as barcoding, numbering and embossing are all available and as a result they can help provide you with a safe and secure means of storing information, tracking customers and other such details.