Can hotel keycards be reused?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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When you are looking to implement a security system in your hotel there are two key things that you will generally look for; firstly you want to make sure that the system you use is quick, efficient and easy to use for your customers and secondly you want to make sure that it’s cost-effective for your business.

In recent years hotel keycards have emerged as a popular alternative to the traditional key and they provide improved security and efficiency for your business across the board. Relatively cheap to install and able to be re-used time and time again, hotel keycards can fit easily into the wallet or purse of your clients in a way that keys simply can’t, and once they are finished they can be easily returned and reprogrammed for the next customer.

What are the benefits of a hotel keycard?

Hotel keycards can bring about a number of benefits to both the consumer and the business depending on how they are used. Some common benefits that you might see throughout the use of a keycard include:

  • Improved security – automatic locks are generally hard to copy that keys
  • The ability to re-use your hotel keycards time and time again thus cutting down on the costs involved with reproducing hotel security
  • The ability to place the card inside your wallet along with other common credit and debit cards rather than having to carry a key separately
  • The ability to program more than one card for each room, rather than having to cut additional keys when you need them
  • The ability to streamline a hotel security system and dictate the access areas to each individual card.

Why are hotel keycards generally more popular than traditional keys?

In general hotel keys can be incredibly annoying to carry around, especially if you are out and about in a warmer climate, and they are one item that can easily be left behind if you aren’t paying attention – that’s where a hotel keycard can be handy.

Another benefit of hotel keycards comes to the forefront if you lose them. It’s difficult to have locks changed and keys recut, however with a hotel keycard you can simply reprogram the lock and then the card accordingly.