Do many businesses use keycard security?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 29.04.2013
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As businesses continue to grow and develop, security becomes increasingly important across the board and as such, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their security and offer new, innovative security features to their staff members. In recent years, keycard security has really come to the forefront as a popular option for many businesses who are looking to use technology to improve their security as a business and as such it’s helping to revolutionise the way that it’s used across the board.

Most modern buildings are now equipped with keycard technology, mainly due to the benefit that this offers not only to the employees, but also to the workers and this allows companies to streamline the way that they are able to operate their security. In turn, it allows for a far more secure environment, allowing staff to feel safer at their place of work.

How does keycard security work?

Keycard security is broken up into two elements – the physical keycard that you have which usually contains a chip with electronic data on it, and a wall receiver that interacts with the keycard to either allow a user to enter, or reject entry. This system is incredibly efficient as it allows each individual keycard to be programmed to meet the user’s needs – and this means that everyone can have different security allowances, depending on their role.

Keycard security can also take the form of a swipe card which uses an electromagnetic strip instead of a chip. This can allow the user to swipe in to a building, in the same way that they would tap a chip card on a receiver and gain access to a secure environment that way.

What benefits can keycard security bring?

Keycard security can bring about a number of benefits to a business and these include:

  • Cost reduction – if a keycard is lost it can simply be reprogrammed without a need to change the locks
  • Ease of use – it’s easy for a staff member to keep a keycard in their wallet as opposed to a set of keys
  • Keycards can be programmed individually to meet the needs of the user and the business
  • Multiple keycards can be programmed at any one time without the costly experience of having to re-cut keys.