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Finish your cards with foil

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 13.08.2021
  • Gift Cards

Enhance your brand and make you cards stand out from the crowd by choosing hot foiling, a ‘post-production’ process that allows additional embellishments such as hot foil images and holograms to be added to your cards.

This process typically takes place once the cards have been punched to the finished size and with full manufacturing facilities in-house the skilled team at PCS can expertly undertake this process with the extremely high degree of precision required.

Custom blocks are made from either magnesium or brass depending on the job specifications and a combination of heat and pressure is applied to create the image. During this “stamping” process, the foil is neatly transferred to the surface of the card via the printing block ensuring durability and longevity. The same process can be applied to add a bespoke hologram to a card which is often considered as an additional security feature.

Multiple blocks can be used to create patterns and to craft layered designs, and when combined with the vast choice of foil types including metallic, matt, gloss, holographic types, and the huge array of colours available the final effect can be striking.

If you would like to find out more about this process and see how your card scheme could benefit from this premium finish adding further value to your brand, please get in touch.