Five benefits of personalised plastic cards

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 27.04.2014
  • Articles

In order to set yourself apart from the crowd it’s important that you have something which is different and hasn’t been seen before, which is why personalisation is such an important asset in business today. Plastic business cards are a great way of showing this as there are a number of benefits which they can introduce, such as:

1. Security

A surge in cyber-crime and identity-fraud has seen an increase in the importance of security within the workplace and implementing personalised plastic cards is a great way of ensuring that crime is reduced. Personalising your employee identification cards can help you identify who a specific person is, what their roles are and what access they have, if any, to certain areas of the building and information.

2. Differentiate between employees

By introducing personalised plastic cards you can use them to help identify who’s who within your business. This is important because if you employ a high number of people you may forget or mistake an employee for someone else, which can be bad as they might be shown information which they shouldn’t have been.

3. Differentiate between roles

Personalising your cards can introduce a number of benefits to your business, but one important addition is having the ability to differentiate between roles. This can be very important for customers in particular as they may be looking for a specific person to deal with their issues but they aren’t sure who to speak to – a plastic card can help identify their role.

4. Branding

The ways in which you portray your business to your clients is important because it lets them know who you are and what you do. It is for this reason that branding is so important and incorporating this into your plastic cards can be a great way of advertising this to new and existing clients, whether it’s on membership cards, gift cards, employee cards or any other type of card which customers may come into contact with.

5. Originality

One of the biggest profits that you could achieve by having personalised plastic cards is that it provides you with the chance to show some originality. This can help set you apart from your competitors, while a quirky design could be appealing to your potential customers.