Hotel key cards – improved safety for your next vacation

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 10.07.2013
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Whenever you go on holiday and leave your hotel room to take in the scenery or partake in some activities, the last thing you will want is for someone to steal your belongings from your room while you are away. One of the most important elements for holiday-goers is that they can feel safe to leave the premises without being fearful over their items being taken from them. That’s why having a high-tech security lock on your door can help keep your mind at ease, and that’s exactly what an electronic key card can do for you.

A hotel key card is a great alternative to traditional hotel keys as they do the same job as them and more so, without all the inconsistencies. They provide you with a greater level of security and as soon as you arrive at the hotel, a key card can be programmed to your room and grant only you access.

What is the purpose of a hotel key card?

A hotel key card enables you to access your room or even certain areas of your hotel that you wouldn’t have permission to do so if you weren’t a guest, meaning that there is a high level of security and minimal risk of criminal activity. Most hotels now incorporate this key card system because it is proven to protect your room from burglars and restricts any trespassers from gaining access to the premises.

Unlike traditional keys, a key card doesn’t have any of the issues that you would come to expect with a key, because if you lost it or broke it you can easily get it replaced by the hotel for a fraction of the price that it would cost in replacing a key.

What are the main features of a hotel key card?

There are a number of benefits that introducing a key card system to your hotel can add, with some common examples including:

  • Broken cards can be replaced easily without having to change the locks
  • Key cards are harder to be replicated by a fraudster than a traditional key
  • They are easy to use and can be stored safely in your wallet
  • The hotel will be able to detect if a card is stolen
  • They are electronically monitored by hotel staff for added security.