How could my business benefit from customer loyalty cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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Customer loyalty cards make up a big part of many businesses and as most companies continually look for ways to attract new clients and keep existing clients, the idea of receiving a reward every time that you do make a purchase or use a service is one really important way of ensuring that your clients keep coming back time and time again.

Although many people feel that loyalty programs are a waste of time, run effectively this is simply not the case and in many ways they can help to build your client base and really assist with client retention. Regardless of your stance, if you are looking to grow and develop your business while making it appeal to your clients, a loyalty card system could be just what your business needs.

What are customer loyalty cards?

Customer loyalty cards are generally plastic cards which are given out to customers who purchase specific items or use services from a business. They are given as a way of keeping track of how much a person might have spent in a specific store and for many people they are a great way to earn rewards in shops that they spend a great deal of time in.

Customer loyalty systems generally involve scanning or swiping your card either on entry to the store or when you make a purchase and in turn this allows your points to accumulate over time. Once you have received enough points you are usually able to redeem these points for cash or other benefits, including discounted products and various other offers.

What are some usual benefits of loyalty cards?

Loyalty cards can bring a number of benefits to your clients and your business, some common benefits often associated with loyalty cards include:

  • Encouragement to your clients to keep coming back as they can earn points which will convert into rewards
  • The ability to record information about your clients
  • The ability to give special offers to loyalty card members
  • A way to collate information to send out special offers and various other pieces of information.