How safe are plastic key cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 06.06.2014
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If you are thinking about switching from a traditional key in place of a plastic key card for your business, then it is paramount that you consider the security aspects of this. Whether you require access to a specific room or a locker, then keys have always been relied upon to protect your equipment, but certain technological advances have brought about the arrival of electronic key cards – an option which has proved to be reliable and inexpensive.

Plastic key cards can be used in a large number of systems depending on your needs, which is just one of the reasons why they are so popular. Advancements in technology mean that any card reader can also store or log certain information, so if in the event of a security breach they can be protected and safely protect your valuables.

Some benefits which are associated with plastic key cards include:

Monitored – one of the biggest advantages that having a plastic key card has over a traditional key is that they are monitored. Hotels are perhaps one of the best examples of this, because from the moment you check in until the moment you leave, access to and from your room is monitored by security using the key card reader on the door. This can deter any would be criminal from attempting to make an unauthorised access to your room and as such prevent any crimes from occurring

This is great for making sure employees and card holders are acting responsibly and as they should at all times, while any unusual behaviour can be identified and addressed as soon as possible

Replaceable – another advantage that a plastic key card has over a key is that in the event of them becoming misplaced, they can be easily replaced. If you lost your key, the chances are that there won’t be many replacements, but if you were to lose your key card, then the information can be easily placed on a blank card. In addition to this, your room could be then restricted to any would be criminal as security could alter the access to the room and make your original card unusable

Inexpensive – unlike a regular key, replacing a plastic key card is actually quite cheap as the data can be switched from one card to another with relative ease.