How Secure are Traditional Hotel Key Cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 13.02.2014
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Security is a big thing everywhere. Whether it’s personal information, your belongings or financial security, you can’t leave anything to chance. Even staying in hotels requires excellent security systems so that you and your belongings are safe and traditional hotel key cards are a popular choice in many establishments that you can trust for good quality security. These cards work on only areas you should have access to and are easy to hide and carry with you.

Peace of mind

Making sure you and your belongings are secure at all times in your chosen hotel is an incredibly important aspect to any visit, trip or holiday you take. This means you want the best security system in place and this includes the hotel key cards being used. These items should be of the highest quality to avoid faults and damage as much as possible but they should also be able to be replaced quickly when needed.

Some establishments have the devices to program new cards quickly, while others will have a supply of spares. In either case, ensuring there are strict or regulated controls to avoid misuse of these replacements will help you continue to have peace of mind.

Plastic hotel key cards are easy to carry and hide, either in a purse, wallet or bag and this means you can hide it with similar items to make it less obvious than a key with a big key ring or tag. Most key cards do not have room numbers printed to make it harder for anyone who finds or steals it to identify the room it is used for.

Great value

Plastic key cards are also great value for hotel establishments because they are cheap to purchase, of high quality and can be replaced quickly. This means less inconvenience for both the hotel and the guests and makes sure they are as happy as possible at all times. Saving money on this area means more can be invested in other areas, also improving the experience and business for all guests, so it’s a great system to invest in.