How to use your loyalty card scheme to maximum effect

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 10.07.2013
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How to use your loyalty card scheme to maximum effect

Following the recession, businesses have had to make some drastic changes in order to keep themselves afloat and fend off the competition. Businesses are looking to run their operations in the most cost-effective way possible and this has led them to come up with new and innovative ways to retain their clients; introducing a loyalty card system is one of the more popular options. A loyalty card can be a great way of increasing profits and attracting customers, while also being able to keep them satisfied too.

Businesses including retailers and supermarkets have been taking advantage of this system to increase their overall sales, while also using it to track their customers’ shopping habits and adjust their marketing accordingly to capitalise on the trends. By doing this, companies are able manage their stock flow more efficiently by identifying which products are selling and which ones are costing you money; they can then determine what items can be put on sale and even offer them for free as an incentive for customers to purchase them.

What benefits will it introduce to your customers?

For your customers, there are a number of reasons why a loyalty card scheme would make them want to shop with your business, with one of the main reasons being that they get access to benefits that other customers would not. As well as getting discounted items and preferential treatment, they will also be able to gain access to unique items that would not normally be available to other shoppers and this will make them feel privileged and will help you retain their custom.

A loyalty card system can also prove to be quite convenient for your customers too, as the process takes no longer than a few minutes and they can start to reap the benefits instantly. By providing your customers with a simple and effective means of getting items for a discounted price, you will be able to increase their happiness and they will want to continue parting their cash with you.