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Introducing PVC-R made from recycled

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 06.04.2022
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PCS is delighted to announce the latest and most exciting addition to its environmental range of materials to date ‘PVC-R’. This made from 100% recycled PVC substrate is suitable for all card applications from loyalty and membership to hotel key cards and everything in between!

Not only does PVC-R offer the same print standards and durability as our standard PVC which means there is no compromising on product quality, but once used, the cards can be recycled again. With a choice of materials from standard PVC that is fully recyclable and eco-degradable cards, to board and now cards made from 100% recycled PCS we have a green solution available to suit everyone’s needs whilst still meeting ISO standards.

Tons of different materials are improperly left in the environment. Plastic waste is only a small part of the bigger problem, and we need to solve the overall issue, which is why as a responsible manufacturer not only do we look to provide the greenest materials and processes, but we also offer a return to manufacture service which allows customers to send their unwanted cards back to us for recycling at no charge to them*

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