Keeping track of your customers using membership cards

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
  • Articles

If you are a business who is looking to create a database of your members then one of the main ways that you might choose to do this is through the use of membership cards. Designed to make your clients feel very much a part of your business, and also to give them benefits and discounts which are often associated with membership, membership cards can be a great way for your clients to save money and for you to encourage repeat patronage.

One of the major benefits that you can see from a membership card is the ability for you to collate information about your shoppers and in turn this can allow you to target them directly in your marketing as well as learn more about your target audience so you can direct your campaigns accordingly.

Why do many businesses enlist the help of membership cards?

A membership card programme can really reap rewards for your clients as it can give them access to a whole host of benefits and free gifts for repeatedly spending money with your business. A membership card system is incredibly simple to organise and usually only requires for your customers to swipe their card when they make a purchase to start collecting points which they can in turn use to purchase items.

Once your customers have collected enough points they can change these into either cash back or items depending on their needs, thereby saving money and getting bonus gifts at the same time!

What benefits can membership cards bring to your business?

Membership cards are a great way to promote customer retention by giving your customers something that they would usually purchase anyway! Cash back or the ability to redeem points for gifts mean that they will continue to buy from your store, and that their redemptions will also be from your store – thus increasing your sales.

In addition your membership system allows you to collate information about individuals therefore allowing you to target your campaigns accordingly, ensure that you meet the needs of your target audience at all times.