Key fob cards – a great key ring accessory

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 11.11.2013
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One of the best things about having a key fob card is that you can easily store useful information a safe and accessible location without having to worry about losing or damaging it. Because relatively small stature, it means that you can attach it to a set of keys or a chain – making it the perfect key ring accessory. Whereas traditional key cards are at risk of becoming damaged when in your wallet, a key fob card is more durable because of its scaled down size and can easily fit in your pocket without risk.

Because of this small size, the ease of which you can access your key fob means you don’t have to waste time reaching into your back pocket, taking out the card and swiping to access a room, all the while your hands will be full with the contents. It may not seem like a major difference but even the smallest reduction in time can be beneficial and furthermore it can come in handy for security purposes.

What is a key fob card?

A key fob card is essentially a scaled down version of a traditional plastic card that can be attached to your key ring and provides you with an easily accessible option to get your information. They can be used for a number of useful purposes such as gaining access to rooms and storing information, as well as being used for loyalty cards. Thanks to their small size though, you can easily store it on your person without having to worry about it becoming damaged or misplaced.

The way a key fob card works is exactly the same as a normal card would do in that they can store the same amount of information, but without the downside of carrying one or more oversized cards. Functionality isn’t affected either, as they can easily do the same tasks you would expect from the larger versions. They are normally equipped with a barcode or magnetic stripe, encoded with a unique identifier, which can be used to monitor how often you go the gym or what products you use, all in one handy device.