OneID4U Adam Unsworth

PCS Secures New ID Contract

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 30.07.2014
  • Case Studies

Leading plastic card manufacturer, Plastic Card Services (PCS), has secured a new contract to manufacture the ONEID4u 18+ proof of age card, for print management company, Cards 4U.

The contract will see PCS produce a new, Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) standardised design, including the requisite PASS hologram of authenticity.

Despite the standardised look, the Cards 4U ID has unique multi-layered hidden security technology, including an image visible only under UV light, and patented, contactless card shielding technology developed by technical solutions provider, Voyager Blue, and PCS.

The Shield technology has been incorporated within the ID card to protect contactless cards from “skimming” and accidental payment, and works by simply placing the ID card in the wallet or purse.

Adam Unsworth, sales director at PCS, said: “With the standardisation of the 18+ ID, Cards 4U asked us to manufacture a card that would have a differentiator in the marketplace, and drive customers to purchase their ID from Cards 4U.

“By incorporating our Shield technology, we were able to provide Cards 4U’s customers with a unique, extra layer of protection, while still complying with the new design rules set out by PASS.”

Rob Rostron, director at Cards 4U, said: “The team were able to offer us a solution that would help our card stand out from the rest of the market. PCS worked closely with us to ensure we were able to offer our customers a product with a high quality product, with added value – Shield technology”.