Premier Inn Hotel Key Card

Premier Inn Backs Contactless Technology

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 01.02.2013
  • Case Studies

Leading value hotel brand, Premier Inn, is working with award winning manufacturer, Plastic Card Services (PCS), to roll out ‘keyless room entry’ across its new build hotels and refurbished sites. The move is part of the hotel chain’s aim to future-proof its offering, and continue to provide the UK’s best value rooms.

136,000 high-tech MIFARE® RFID room entry cards have been supplied already, allowing customers fast and reliable entry into their rooms. Andy Simpson, director at PCS explains: “Because the data can’t be accidentally wiped by a smartphone, it means no more trips back to the reception desk for re-encoding. This means Premier Inn’s customers benefit from shorter queuing times at the reception desk.”

The cards also offer greater cost savings as they are more durable than their magnetic stripe counterparts – not damaged by dirt or scratches – and can be re-encoded a greater number of times, so they last much longer.

Sarah Simpson, product and service manager at Premier Inn added: “We have a long standing relationship with PCS, and the team can be relied upon for fast and efficient service at a competitive price point. Having the cards arrive on a daily basis, direct to the hotels that need them, is a great advantage. Innovation is a key part of our brand development for our new sites and the introduction of contactless technology is an exciting move for us.”

Andy Simpson concluded: “We’ve been working with Premier Inn since 2009, and have supplied almost four million key cards to the estate to date. The move to MiFare is helping to keep Premier Inn at the forefront, not only of technology, but also of customer service.”