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Protecting cards with cards!

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 06.04.2022
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With the limits on contactless payments having risen to £100, and over 91% of all eligible card transactions in 2021 being made by contactless (according to the latest data from Barclaycard), the opportunities for accidental payment, double charging (Ref Transport for London) and fraudulent transactions have increased dramatically.

However, with the patented RFID shielding technology available from Plastic Card Services (PCS), there is a flexible option for consumers to protect themselves from these risks that also creates an opportunity for your brand to be at the forefront of their minds.

Using specially developed patented technology, PCS offers protection for contactless payment cards which can simply be slipped into any wallet or purse directly in front of up to 3 contactless cards giving them greater flexibility to swap between accessories without compromising the safety of their cards.

This specifically developed patented technology (Ref Patent No GB2453859) can be incorporated into any normal card allowing greater flexibility for the user and as a business allows you to incorporate this into an existing card scheme you have such as loyalty, membership, even the ultimate business card, offering a long-term branding opportunity like no other.

The patented technology is also available in an e-Passport Shield format to provide protection to biometric passports by simply inserting the e-Passport shield into the e-Passport. “Did you know every U.S e-Passport contains an integrated RFID passport shield”

PCS’s ability to personalise and create unique fulfilment propositions, RFID card shields, e-Passport shields, or combinations in single or multiple packs, presents clients with the flexibility to optimise their branding proposition in any given market sector.

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