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PCS appoints Souter PR

  • by Extra Mile
  • 17.01.2011
  • Company News

Loyalty card producer for IKEA, Ford, Next and Virgin to use PR to grow green card offer

Pioneering business Plastic Card Services (PCS) have named Souter PR as their new PR agency.

Plastic Card Services Limited employs 68 people from their purpose built Macclesfield manufacturing plant and is one of the UK’s leading producers of commercial cards and services.

The company has invested over £2 million in developing sustainable print services and has just developed Europe’s first plastic loyalty card using green materials and processes for Denmark’s largest retailer Coop Danmark.

PCS operates across a range of markets including retail, local government, travel, hotels and leisure and produces over 50 million cards a year for household names across the UK including Next, Virgin, Ikea, Ford, Iceland and npower.

Souter’s PR campaign will focus primarily on raising awareness of the PCS service across existing and new commercial markets as well as building the company’s profile within business and national media.

Souter will also be focussing on the new green service from PCS which produces cards using a bioPVC material that decomposes in less than three years, a considerable improvement on the conventional 300-1000 year cycle for PVC.

PCS are aiming to convert 50% of their business to bio in the next five years to meet the growing requirements of businesses with a sustainability agenda.

Sue Souter comments: “PCS is a real gem of a manufacturing business, with a great client base and a real drive to invest in and improve the industry. Their commitment to producing biodegradable ‘plastic’ cards has already proved a great success and we’re looking forward to supporting them to build awareness of their 21st century range of services.”