The Key Uses of Photo ID Cards

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 04.06.2013
  • Articles

Photo ID cards have quickly cemented their place as an invaluable addition to any wallet and across society they are now a popular option for people who need to carry a form of ID with them at all times. Whether it’s a driving license, membership card or even an identity card for work, carrying a photo ID card can make your life much easier and ensure that you are able to be easily identified when you need to be.

In addition to getting into your office, there are a number of other areas where you might need to use a photo ID card and as such they are quickly becoming a popular option for many businesses who are looking to provide a way of easily identifying their staff members, and for companies who are looking to provide practical forms of identification.

How can a Photo ID card benefit me?

As a business, a photo ID card can be a great way of improving your staff’s safety and security, and it can allow you to safely screen people as they enter a building. In addition, many companies choose to encode these photo ID cards with either microchips or magnetic strips to also ensure that the holder is given certain security privileges within the building – and that they can go where they need to.

The benefit here is that the individual cards can be programmed to allow individuals to go to certain areas of the business, and restrict certain other areas, in turn this can help to improve the security of your business across the board.

What other uses are there for photo ID cards?

In addition to the use as a security card for businesses, you can also use photo ID cards for a wide range of other purposes and these include:

  • As a University ID or student card
  • As a driver’s license or other rather formal form of identification
  • As a membership card at your local gym or library
  • As a National Identification Card
  • As a general identification card in the workplace, particularly invaluable in a large organisation.