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Tim Holt sits with Ready for Brexit to discuss brexit and Boris Johnson’s impact on the future.

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 30.09.2019
  • Company News


Tim Holt, co-founder and finance director of Cheshire-based Plastic Card Services, says that he noticed that businesses seemed to show a little more confidence when Boris Johnson took over as Prime Minister.

What does Plastic Card Services produce?
We manufacture plastic cards – membership, hotel and loyalty cards. We are not a secure printer so we don’t do credit cards, but we do everything else.

Have you been impacted by Brexit in any way?
Yes. The main factor has been the indecision. A lot of businesses have been sitting on the fence waiting to see exactly what was going to happen and nothing has happened. There was a period, probably about eight months ago, when people just weren’t making any decisions and were just waiting to see what would happen. Since Boris Johnson has come in and made his point of exactly what he wants to do, there seems to be a bit of an upturn, because at least there is some direction, whether it is right or wrong.

Do you bring materials in from the EU to manufacture your cards? 
We do. We source from the Far East and Europe, so Brexit could potentially impact on both of those, depending on what happens at the docks. That’s where we envisage our problems will be. Consequently, we have slightly increased the stock that we carry, but we always have a minimum of 16-weeks stock, and I think realistically the volumes involved and the money tied up in doing that means that we can’t carry much more than that anyway.

Have you got any EU staff that could be impacted by Brexit?
We do have some EU staff, but they all seem very relaxed about it. I think that no one can actually believe that it is actually going to happen one way or another. They are all good workers, we don’t envisage there being any problems, but who knows until such a time that the Government of the day and Europe makes a decision we won’t know what we need to implement to keep them here.

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