Tim Holt speaks to Gazprom Energy about better business communication

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.07.2019
  • Media Contributions

Strong business communication is essential whether it’s employees, clients or customers you’re interacting with. It is a means of strengthening relationships with all involved and improving the reputation of the business as a whole. Striving to be a better communicator is never a bad idea.

Gazprom Energy got in touch with our owner Tim Holt to discuss this very topic, asking him to provide helpful insight and advice. With so many years of experience at the helm of Plastic Card Services, Tim knows a thing or two about the importance of opening and maintaining strong lines of communication, which is definitely apparent in the article.

One of the things Tim stresses is that while good communication can be relatively straightforward, it also involves having to touch on difficult topics and delivering bad news. Perhaps the most important thing to take away, is Tim’s suggestion to deliver information as quickly as possible – the longer you leave it, the harder it is. He points to difficulties PCS had with a supplier recently. Though the news was disappointing, the supplier handled the situation with a lot of reassurance and transparency.

As communication can also be an opportunity to showcase a company, Tim advises that each message is a chance to present your professionalism, so it’s important to get it right. Key to this is not merely limiting yourself to written communications but utilising things like videos and presentations in order to add variety and reach as many people as possible.

Tim also points to the need for empathy in business communication, especially when dealing with the difficult situations we mentioned before. Not only does it ensure a more harmonious workplace for all involved, it demonstrates that your understanding towards other people’s situations is a highly beneficial trait.

Though it’s by no means his last point in the article, Tim’s mention of assertiveness is another key point. It’s possible to be forceful without domineering; it’s only when your communication becomes a one-way process should you avoid this approach. Assertiveness is all about being clear and concise when the moment calls for it.

Be sure to read Tim’s insightful responses in the full article on Gazprom Energy, here.