Using plastic photo ID cards as a business security measure

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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In the modern business environment security is key, and in an increasingly competitive market it’s crucial that you offer your employees high level security, not only to govern their own safety but also to assure the position of your business within the marketplace. Although many businesses have recently switched to fobs and key access, there are still several larger businesses to whom this is a somewhat impractical experience and if you find yourself in this position then you may be considering a switch to plastic photo ID cards.

Keys and fobs can be easily lost and picked up by the wrong type of person – by issuing photo ID cards you are able to increase the level of safety by ensuring that each individual has a security measure which directly relates to them (it contains their photo) and in turn you help to give an increased level of security to your staff members.

How can I implement this type of system?

Although it might take a little while to implement, plastic photo ID cards are relatively easy to issue to your employees and providing they are manufactured in the right way, you can ensure that they provide a quick and effective way to keep security within your business tight.

Initially you will be required to take photographs of each of your individual staff members and have these place onto your plastic photo cards – and this point you can also choose the level of security that you want to give to individual staff members – and this means that you can choose to give certain staff members access to certain areas of the building and restrict other staff members on a person by person basis, helping to increase the security for your building.

What are some benefits of this system?

Introducing plastic photo ID cards into your business can bring a range of different benefits to the safety and security of your employees and these include:

  • Increased security and a choice of access for individual staff members
  • Individual security photo recognition
  • The ability for each individual to have their own access card
  • A more secure approach than using keys and fobs
  • The ability to lock out individual cards if they are lost rather than having to change the security system, or the locks.