What are some benefits of investing in plastic loyalty cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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In the current economic climate many people are looking for ways to continually save money and keep their costs down wherever possible. As a consumer, loyalty cards can be a popular choice as a way to save money while purchasing items that you generally need anyway and as such, especially in tough economic times, they can be a popular choice for people who are looking to save cash and get something back for the money that they spend.

As a business, plastic loyalty cards can really help to attract customers to your business and ensure that you are able to effectively retain them by offering incentives, promotions and bonuses for money that they are already spending. In turn this drives repeat business and happy clients which can be a great benefit for your business.

What is a plastic loyalty card?

A plastic loyalty card is essentially a membership card which you issue to customers who may want to join your business reward scheme. The most common example of plastic loyalty cards are found in store-based membership cards such as supermarket rewards cards or retail rewards cards and these prove a popular option with shoppers in the current tough economic climate.

Plastic loyalty cards can be set up in a whole host of different ways to offer different options to customers, but the most popular way that they operate is through a loyalty points rewards scheme and this ensures that for every £1 you spend you receive some type of rewards points. In turn, this points can be exchanged for rewards, gifts and even cash back depending on the specific scheme – an incredibly appealing option for customers.

What additional benefits can they bring to business?

In terms of business benefits, there are a number of clear benefits that a plastic loyalty card scheme can bring to you. Some clear examples of these benefits include:

  • Increased customer retention through a good rewards scheme
  • Increased customer appeal by offering cash back and prizes
  • The ability to communicate with your clients through mail-outs and promotions
  • The ability to store customer information and learn about your target markets.