What are some popular uses for key fob cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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If you are looking for the right mix between a generic plastic card and the key fob that you often carry around on your keychain then a key fob card could be just what you are looking for. Relatively compact in size and able to attach easily to your key chain, key fob cards present you with an easy to carry, functional card which you can often use in the same way as you would a full-size plastic card.

Key fob cards are a popular option for people who are looking to carry a membership card around them without the additional hassle of a full-size card, so if your membership cards only require a barcode to scan you may consider making a range of key fob cards which are uniquely suited to your ever-busy clients.

What are key fob cards?

Key fob cards are essentially smaller versions of a traditional plastic card which can be easily attached to your key ring and carried around without the additional disadvantage of having to carry a large plastic card around with you.

Key fob cards can provide the same functionality as a generic plastic card as they are still able to show a bar code and they can often be used for gym or health club memberships – situations where you may only have your key chain on you and may not even think to take your wallet with you. These in turn can help to avoid the frustration of a membership card which may have been left behind.

What are key fob cards commonly used for?

Key fob cards can be used for any type of membership, but in general they are used for memberships where carrying a full membership card around may not always be convenient. You may also elect to use a key fob card in addition to a general membership card in some situations and this can give you the flexibility of having or not having your wallet with you.

As your keys are something that you will generally not be without, having a key fob card helps to ensure that you always have your membership card on you – wherever you are.