What are the benefits of barcoding plastic cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 23.03.2014
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If you have a business which incorporates the use of plastic cards, whether you are running a loyalty card scheme, a gift card operation, or if you are simply using them as a means of identification, then you will realise just how important barcoding is to this process. Plastic cards are a simple and reliable means of storing vast amounts of information, so if you introduce a barcode option to proceedings you will gain the ability to identify individuals – something that is very important if there are a high number of people involved.

There are a number of benefits that having a barcode as part of your plastic card can introduce, with one the biggest bonuses being that you are able to distinguish between individual cards. If you have a large number of people using these cards, then it can be quite problematic trying to separate them from one another and this could result in information becoming lost. With a barcode system however, you will be able to distinguish each one as well as the vital information which they each store.

Another benefit which having a barcode as part of your plastic card is that is able to store a high amount of information. The amount you can store is almost infinite, meaning that vital details such as names, addresses, which department the person belongs to, employee number, training status and a number of other useful information can all be contained within the card.

What instances might you need a barcode on your plastic cards?

There are a number of situations where having a barcode as part of your plastic card could prove to be extremely beneficial, with some common examples being:

  • Barcodes are a popular choice across membership cards
  • Barcodes allow you to access data simply by scanning a card
  • Barcodes give you the ability to make each card individual
  • Barcodes can work directly with a computer network through a scanning device
  • Barcodes make a quick and easy interface between your card and a computer system.