What are the benefits of clear plastic business cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 25.07.2014
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Plastic cards have become so popular that they are now seen as a necessity in many industries, with businesses in the banking and retail sectors perhaps being their biggest exponents. Thanks to their unique design however, they can be personalised to meet whatever requirements you desire and this is especially the case when it comes to business cards. Making a good first impression can often mean the difference between success and failure with your business ventures, so choosing a business card which can leave a lasting impression is essential.

One great way of achieving this is to use a clear plastic business card, because unlike traditional business cards, frosted plastic cards can help introduce that extra touch of flair that can truly help distinguish your company. One of the most difficult tasks in business it to try and differentiate yourself from your rivals and setting the tone early on can make all the difference, with frosted plastic business cards being one of the most effective methods.

Choosing a clear plastic business card can provide you with a number of benefits which can subsequently place you in your clients’ favour. Some benefits which frosting introduces to your plastic card include:

  • Appearance – choosing an innovative card design will give your card a more eye-catching appearance and make it appear to look ‘special’ – leaving your clients less inclined to throw them away
  • Professional – creating a clear plastic business card using a ‘frosting’ method is a specialist tool used on business cards and helps to give them a more professional look, as it shows your client you have put effort into them
  • Intriguing – using this innovative design could make your clients a little more curious as they move away from the more traditional designs people are accustomed to – meaning that they are more likely to read the information on the card
  • Durable – a lightweight coating helps prevent any marks and smudges from appearing, while it also boasts a firm, flexible design which is robust and incredibly sturdy.

How important is the design of your business card?

The way that your business card is designed is absolutely crucial to the effect that it can have on potential clients and the way that your business will be portrayed to a wider audience. The design and style of your business card can say a lot about your business, and the way that it has been put together can show a lot about your commitment to customers. A well-presented, well-made card shows that you have a clear interest in your clients and that you are willing to go to a little extra expense to make a good impression.