What are the benefits of hotel keycards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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In modern society we are constantly looking for ways to use new technology to make things much easier and when it comes to the hotel industry, improving security and accessibility for guests is one way that can really make your hotel a very popular choice among many people.

When a person looks for a choice of hotel, one of the first things that they tend to look for is security and hotel keycards are one way that you can really help to improve the safety and security of your hotel across the board. Combining the flexibility of a keycard shape with the ability to really tailor your security options, hotel keycards have quickly emerged as a popular choice in this environment.

What are hotel keycards?

Hotel keycards are the small plastic cards that you are handed when you get access to a room in a hotel, and they replace traditional keys when it comes to entering your hotel room. These cards can be easily programmed to your own individual needs and as many of them can be programmed as needed – so if you have six people staying in the same room then you can each have a key without new keys needing to be cut!

On the flip side of this, if you do happen to lose or misplace your hotel keycard then it’s a lot easier to just replace a keycard than it is a key. You won’t have to have the locks changed and you won’t have to have new keys cut – you can simply reprogram the existing keycard to the room and therefore save both time and money in the process.

What are the key features of a hotel keycard?

A hotel keycard brings about a whole host of features and benefits to anyone who uses it and these include:

  • The ability to easy replace lost keycards without having to change the locks
  • The ability to easily slip a card into a wallet or pocket
  • The ability to program and reprogram hotel keycards as needed
  • The ability to provide as many or as few keycards as is needed
  • The ability to save money through mass production of hotel keycards.