What attracts customers to a loyalty card system?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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If you are looking to set your business apart from the crowd, then chances are you will be looking at a loyalty card system to encourage them to keep shopping with your brand time and time again. Customers love saving money – and even if you offer the same item as a competitor at the same price, chances are if they feel that they are going to save money by shopping with a certain brand (perhaps with the promise of a loyalty card system) then chances are they will choose to shop with you.

The main attraction of a loyalty card system is savings, and in a world where we are constantly facing financial challenges it’s not hard to see why even just a small saving can make a lot of difference. With the promise of reduced costs, free gifts, discounts and promotions it’s not hard to see why many customers really see the attraction of a loyalty card system.

Why do businesses integrate loyalty card systems?

From a business point of view, a loyalty card system can be a great way to attract clients as they may see it as a way to save money on products that they would usually purchase anyway. Loyalty cards are an added bonus for standard, everyday purchases and allow a customer to accumulate points which they can then use for rewards or cash back on their next purchase.

From a business perspective, a loyalty card system can be seen as a powerful marketing tool to bring in your customers and also encourage them to move away from your competitors. A cost-effective approach to marketing, loyalty card systems usually result in the customers purchasing products from your shop with the rewards points that they earn anyway – providing you with increased profit.

What benefits can they bring?

Loyalty cards can bring about a whole host of benefits to users and these include:

  • The ability to save money on your daily spend
  • The ability to collect and redeem points
  • Special members-only discounts, savings and promotions
  • The ability to stay-informed of upcoming sales
  • The ability to enter prize draws.