What industries could benefit from the use of plastic cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 25.04.2014
  • Articles

Plastic cards are perhaps one of only a few commodities which are regularly used across a number of different industries, and as such this has made them a universal product. Whether they are being used as membership cards, identification, banking or even as a driving license, then you can be sure that at one stage or another you will have had one. Because of their many benefits however, it’s no wonder that so many businesses use them, with some leading industries that have benefited including:

Retail – perhaps one of the biggest employers of plastic cards is the retail industry, as they are regularly used for multiple purposes including membership cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and so on. Because the businesses in this sector are accustomed to dealing with a high influx of clients, it is important that they make use of a plastic card which is both inexpensive and reliable in order to support their customers.

Security – as newer and more impressive technologies are created, the increase in fraud and cyber-criminals becomes more of a reality so in order to combat this security firms have been looking for simple and effective methods. Banking and identity cards are perhaps the biggest risks, which is why preventative measures have been imposed into these such as security chips, embossing and unique barcodes to prevent criminal activity.

Education – the education sector benefits from the use of plastic cards in a variety of areas, with identification being perhaps its biggest export. Student cards and staff cards can help distinguish members of a specific school, college or university, while certain plastic cards are available with chips or barcodes with the purpose of storing money or collecting points.

Banking – everyone has owned a bank card at one stage or another in their lives as they have become a safe and secure alternative to cash. With so many people using banks, the plastic card service has thrived in this sector while its technology has improved to such an extent that it has helped to prevent fraud crime.

Corporate – plastic cards are used throughout a number of levels in the corporate industry, whether they’re used as business cards, employee identification cards or as key fobs to gain access to certain rooms or buildings.