What is a contactless chip card?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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Plastic cards can do so much more than just fit nicely into your pocket these days, rather they can provide you with a way of communicating remotely through radio waves to convey information which can really help your business. Security is key in any working environment and having a key can be a pain sometimes – luckily with a contactless chip card you can simply swipe your plastic card and be easily on your way.

Designed to save a lot of time and hassle for businesses, contactless chip cards have built in systems which allow them to work remotely as a tiny computer system. They have the ability to connect with systems that are integrated onto walls and as such you can allow your clients and staff to swipe in and out of a building with very little hassle.

How does a contactless chip card work?

A contactless chip card works through remote radio signals which are sent between the card and a receiver on the wall. These signals will usually either match or they won’t match – if they match it will allow the user to continue on, if they don’t match the user will usually be stopped (or the door won’t open!).

A contactless chip card is very similar to any other plastic card and can be easily fit into your wallet or cardholder as needed – making it ideal for you to carry around and simply bring out to swipe it as you need.

What benefits can it bring to my business?

There are a whole host of benefits that you could potentially get from the use of a contactless chip card, but the main one comes in the type of security that it can offer to your building. Contactless chip cards are easily programmable and they allow you to program them to a specific person – giving you the ability to determine where a certain staff member can and can’t go.

This can make it a great deal easier if a staff member leaves your company – rather than having to change the locks or keys every time, you can simply change the programming of the key card.