What is a contactless payment?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 10.06.2015
  • Articles

A contactless payment occurs when you pay with a card that doesn’t make contact with the reader, as is normal with chip and swipe cards. Using RFID technology, the card in question only has to be in close proximity to the device for the signal to be picked up and the payment authorised – although many people do make contact with the reader by resting the card on it.

The appeal of a contactless payment is that it is much faster to process than previous methods of card-based payments and this is great if you are in a rush although most cards will still have the option to pay with chip and pin codes as not everywhere accepts contactless payments at this time.

For more information on contactless payments and the cards that allow them to happen, contact our team at Plastic Card Services today where our team of experts can help identify if this is a useful feature for your situation.