What is a contactless smart card?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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In the modern environment security and safety are key in any business and if you are looking to increase the levels of security within your business then you will constantly be striving for new and more innovative ways to secure your information. One of the more recent developments on this market is a contactless smart card, and these are a great way to secure unique information, giving you the ability to uniquely program each card and making them a great solution for transportation and security needs.

Contactless smart cards have seen an increasing presence across society through their lightweight, portable design which allows them to be easily carried around, and their programmable nature which means they can be easily tailored to meet the needs of an individual – making them the ideal solution in many situations.

How does a contactless smart card work?

A contactless smart card works through a small microchip which is contained inside the card. Radio waves are used to transmit information to this card and to take it from the card back into a system. This allows you to enter information into the card (such as personal details or monetary amounts) and allow them to be transmitted across a network of machines.

Contactless smart cards are used in a number of different environments, most commonly they are used in public transport networks such as London’s Oyster Card or various networks across south-east Asia. The unique shape and design of these cards allows them to be easily slid inside a wallet and simply “tapped” when entering public transport. In turn this can allow for quick and effective use of public transport.

What are some benefits of these to my business?

Contactless smart cards can bring a wide range of different benefits to your business, depending on how you choose to use them ranging from security to simplicity – and all at a very affordable price. Although you may be concerned about the initial outlay on these cards one of their key selling points is that they are reusable and this means that you can continue to work with them time and time again, saving you cash in the long run.