What is a photo ID card?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 29.04.2013
  • Articles

Photo ID cards play an important role in modern society and whether they are University ID cards, a driver’s license or even a work ID card, they go a long way towards enhancing security across the board. Photo ID cards play an important part in allowing a person to be immediately identified, as the majority of them contain a clear picture on the front of the person in question – allowing this to be quickly matched to the person holding the card for instant recognition.

In recent years as we continue to become increasingly driven by technology, photo ID cards have started to play an even more important role in society, and they are now used by most businesses and organisations. With the benefit of containing a photo and generally information about the holder, they are the perfect tool to perform identification checks quickly and effectively.

What are some common examples of photo ID cards?

Photo ID cards are used right around society for a whole host of different applications. Some common examples of where they are most commonly used include:

  • Formal licenses – these include driver’s licenses, truck licenses and heavy vehicle licenses
  • Student ID cards – these are cards used within educational institutions to prove that the person is studying there
  • Work identification – they are often used to enter and leave a work building as a form of identification and are often chipped for security
  • National Identity cards – these are used in many countries instead of a passport and are used as a form of identification.

What benefits can these often bring to my business?

Photo ID cards can bring about a number of benefits, but most commonly they are a great way of proving your identification in a number of situations. As a business, they allow you to easily identify your staff members if you are a large organisation and they help to enhance your security features. They can easily be used as security cards which your staff members can use when they enter the building and this helps to improve safety across the board for your employees.