What makes a good hotel keycard?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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When you are going on holiday some of the top priorities that you will have are safety and security, and in order for you to ensure that these priorities are met, having a secure hotel where you know you can stay safely is incredibly important. In recent years hotel security measures have improved significantly and these improvements can often be contributed to the introduction of new technologies including hotel keycards.

Hotel keycards are a great modern alternative to traditional hotel keys and they not only come with the added benefit of fitting easily into your wallet, they are also easy to re-use and practical for hotels to supply. When you begin your stay, a keycard can be programmed to your room and when you leave it can simply be re-programmed to another one, making them incredibly simple to use and cheap to run.

What is the purpose of a hotel keycard?

The main purpose of a hotel keycard is to grant you access to your room, or areas of the hotel that you might not be able to access without one, and as such they are used as a security measure in most hotels.

Although keys do a great job of performing the same task, there are a number of downfalls that you can associate with the use of keys and these mainly come about if you are to lose the key. Keys can be difficult to replace and the locks may have to be changed as a result – this isn’t a problem with a hotel keycard.

What benefits can a hotel keycard give you over traditional keys?

Hotel keycards can bring about a number of benefits for both the users and the hotel operators and some common examples of these include:

  • The ability to use and re-use cards each time
  • The ability to slip a card into your wallet rather than having to keep a key loose in your pocket
  • The ability to create as many or as few keycards as needed
  • The ability to easily reprogram a hotel keycard if one has been lost.