What should I look for in a good gift card supplier?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 11.11.2013
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For businesses, introducing gift cards can be a very useful method of building brand awareness as well as being an excellent marketing tool. Many companies carefully display their gift cards around certain points of the store to encourage customers to purchase on impulse and therefore increase profitability. Another great benefit of using this strategy is that the cards hold no monetary value until activated by a member of your staff, so they can be displayed openly without any risk, unlike paper vouchers which have and so cannot be displayed.

If you want custom gift cards made for your business purely as an incentive to employees or clients, then it is important that you contact a good supplier. Precision Card Services (PCS) are one of the foremost card providers in the industry and they have a wealth of experience in creating orders such as this, as they can offer you a card which will directly link your customers to your business with relative ease.

PCS can provide you with an affordable package using high-quality materials that help ensure that they are durable and will not encounter any damage issues when in use. Furthermore, you can also expect a fast delivery time as they understand how important time is to a business, because it can save you a great deal of money in the long run. For more information on how PCS can help you, simply contact a member of their team today at www.plastic-card-services.co.uk and see what they can do for you.

Why a gift card?

A great way to acquire new customers while retaining the loyal ones is to set up a gift card program. The many benefits of the gift card are often overlooked by merchants. Some benefits for your business to using a gift card includes:

  • Attract New Customers – gift cards encourage people who might not otherwise visit your business to take a look around and likely return to make additional purchases
  • Increase Brand Awareness – when your gift card is designed to match your company logo and brand, it essentially works as a marketing tool in the customer’s pocket. The more times people purchase these gift cards, your brand will continue to be dispensed among new customers
  • Improve Sales – gift cards encourage customers to enter the store and browse your products and after doing this it is likely that they’ll end up finding a product that costs slightly more than the gift card’s value – this can help to increase your sales