What should I look for in a good hotel key cards supplier?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 11.11.2013
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If you are running a hotel then the most important thing is the welfare and happiness of your guests, because in the grand scheme of things it is them who are keeping you in business. One of the best ways of keeping them happy is by integrating the strictest security measures in order to prevent criminal activity such as theft, while at the same time keeping your guests safe in the knowledge that their items are safe.

One of the best ways of achieving this is through the use of an electronic hotel security key card instead of a traditional key. This can then enable you to keep track of the cards and cancel them or disable them at the switch of a button – helping to prevent fraud or theft issues. But in order for this to become a reality you will need to contact a key card supplier who can be relied upon to carry out the job. Some basic elements that you would expect from your supplier include:

  • Durability – if you run a hotel then it is not uncommon that you will have several individuals in your care, so it is important that they feel safe and protected, so having a top of the range security key card could help ensure that. You should expect your supplier to design them with reliability in mind and that they surpass traditional lifetime expectancy and operate freely
  • Compatibility – because there are many types of hotel door locks on the market it can be quite difficult finding one that suits your needs, but with a professional key cad supplier you can get one tailored to your hotel. Depending on how important security is, you can purchase key cards with a magnetic stripe, smart card door entry systems and proximity cards for additional help
  • Price – as a business you should always have an eye on your finances and by getting a great price on a high quality product is the pinnacle. However, you must be careful with what you are buying because a cheaper price could mean an inferior product, so always be sure when