What sizes can I choose for my plastic card?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 19.04.2014
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The great thing about plastic cards is that not only are they capable of storing vast amounts of information in a sturdy design, but they can also be personalised to your specifications too. Everything from the information which you choose to store on them, their purpose, what colour scheme and imagery you use and even the size. Many people often mistake plastic cards for being one universal size such as bank cards or driving licenses, but actually you can alter them to whatever size you desire.

There are several different sizes available which are regarded as the correct size which is used throughout the world, but you can also personalise them to your own unique specifications. The two most common variations of plastic card which you will find however are as follows:

Standard plastic card – plastic card sizes will vary from country to country, but here in the UK the traditional size will usually measure in at 85.60mm x 53.98mm. This design features a number of cards which we commonly use on a regular basis, such as identification cards, bank cards, membership cards and so on

Key fob card – another common card which is used quite regularly is a key fob card, which is essentially a scaled down version of a standard card. Instead of having it in your wallet however, they are attached to key chains and so on, meaning that they are easily accessible for quick use purposes. Types of areas where these cards might be use include gift cards, hotel key cards and room access purposes.

Why might I choose a different size for my card?

If you work in a business or any other role and you incorporate the use of plastic cards, then you will understand how vital they are towards helping maintain efficiency. They are capable of storing mass amounts of data, whether they are used as gift cards, business cards or even as a means of identification for your employees. Businesses which use all of these designs will know that it can be difficult it can be to differentiate between them, while having varying sizes can also introduce a certain degree of choice for clients.