Which plastic cards could my business benefit from?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 03.07.2014
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Plastic cards are used for a variety of different purposes across a range of industries, and as such they are one of a few universal products which are truly universal. With so many cards in operation though and with so many businesses using them, it can become quite difficult to distinguish yourself from the competition. It is for this reason why personalisation is such an important asset in business today, especially with plastic cards, as they can help your potential customers and business partners identify with you on a greater level.

Some plastic cards which your business could benefit from include:

Smart cards – Smart cards are used for a wide range of different activities, but where we see that they are most commonly used is normally within the security market. These cards work with advanced technology which can help to enhance your security levels, improve your data storage or simply provide a better service across the board for your business.

Loyalty cards / Membership cards – loyalty cards are used for a number of purposes, but if you have a business which relies on repeat custom then they are a great incentive. They can be issued to customers who will likely spend their money with you and in return they will receive preference with certain items and discounts.

Key cards – key cards have become one of the most commonly used types of card, having replaced traditional keys in many instances – most notably in hotels. Their technology can easily be incorporated into a computer database which then records the information.

Photo ID cards – photo ID cards are best used for security and identification purposes. They best example of this would be a driver’s license.

Key fob cards – this type of card is very useful, as they are a shortened down version of a regular card that can fit easily onto your keys. They can store a vast amount of information onto the barcode which fits onto the design.