Why artwork is necessary for your plastic card

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 26.03.2014
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One of the great things about introducing artwork to your plastic cards is that you can have as much freedom with the design as you wish. Everything from the choice of colour, the images used and even the layout of the card is all at your discretion, so you can have the ability to create a truly personalised card that will set yours apart from the rest of the crowd. Not only will this provide you with a unique design, but it can also give you the grounds to show of your creative side which can help your clients perceive you in a positive light.

Incorporating a piece of artwork onto a plastic card can introduce a number of benefits for not only your business, but also for your client too. A colourful design can make the card easily identifiable and will therefore give it a better chance of being noticed among a collection of other such cards, while adding a company logo and information can be beneficial for advertising purposes.

Where might artwork be found on plastic cards?

Personalisation is one of the most important aspects of creating an identity for your brand and that means coming up with something creative where everyone can see it. It has to be the perfect balance of intelligent marketing and unique design, so if it is to displayed on a plastic card where it can be seen by the masses, it has to be special. Some examples of where you might find artwork on plastic cards include:

  • Employee identification cards – introducing artwork as part of an employee identification card can help you to distinguish between employees, as well as detailing certain aspects of their position, such as training level, job role and so on
  • Membership cards – adding artwork to a membership card can help make it more noticeable to a potential customer, so if they are members of various stores they may be more inclined to grab your card from their wallet due to its colourful design
  • Library cards – this doesn’t just apply to library cards, but any number of businesses which attract repeat custom, as the colourful designs can help set apart your brand from the rest and improve your chances of attracting new customers.