Why barcoding can be a benefit of your customer loyalty scheme

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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If you are looking to launch a customer loyalty scheme with the aim of retaining your existing customers and developing new customers across the board, then you will be looking at a way to produce high quality loyalty scheme cards for your clients. One of the most important elements of any customer rewards scheme is being able to tell your cards apart and this ensures that your clients are able to receive the awards that they deserve when they shop – if you are considering this as a concept then barcoding can make up an important part of this role.

Across your customer loyalty scheme it’s important to have effective barcoding so that you can easily tell your cards apart and for this reason it’s essential that you have all of your barcoding done with a professional to ensure that the codes scan quickly and effectively every time.

How does barcoding work?

Barcoding is an incredibly simple process which allows you to differentiate between different cards through a serious of lines and digits. A barcode can be applied to any card that you have and once it is scanned by a barcode reader it can quickly and easily draw up the details of the card owner. In shops, loyalty schemes are heavily dependent on barcodes to add information to a client’s card and this simple scanning process can be done quickly and easily after a transaction to automatically add a certain amount of points to the card depending on how much money that person has spent during their transaction.

Why is this a benefit for your business?

There are many benefits that using this type of loyalty scheme can bring to your business and these include:

  • The ability to easily add and redeem points on a card
  • The ability to quickly bring up information as needed
  • The ability to add information to a card as needed
  • The ability to tailor your cards as needed
  • The ability to completely integrate your rewards system with a computer system or till system that you may have existing.