Why is business card size so important?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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Having a business card is incredibly important when it comes to networking and really putting your business out there to work closely with other businesses. It’s a way of identifying yourself and your company in an often saturated market and a way of leaving a reminder in the memory of anyone who you have recently networked with.

As such a crucial area of networking, your business card can make you stand out from the crowd and it’s important that you use an innovative and creative design which encompasses the main ideas of your business while leaving a last impression on your potential clients. For this reason it’s important that you look at every little aspect of your business cards, including the size, to ensure that it directly targets your desired audience, and ensures that your business really stands out from the crowd.

Being in business – it’s all about standing out

Although there are many businesses in what is often a saturated market, the main key to success is through making yours slightly different from everyone else. First impressions do count and when you are having an initial meeting with a client, after a brief discussion an exchange of business cards will usually take place. A business card can say a lot about your company and even though first impressions are often made on your appearance and what you say, once this has been forgotten it’s the business card that leaves the lingering reminder in the thoughts of a new potential client.

How can I select the size of my business card?

In general there is a fairly standard size of business card which is specifically designed to fit easily into the sleeve of a wallet, and for many businesses this is a popular choice. This small, rectangular design enables you to fit just enough text on the card, without overwhelming your client, and it allows them to quickly and easily fit the card back into their pocket, wallet or whatever device they are looking to carry your card in.

Just because the industry standard is rectangular doesn’t mean you have to be however, and many businesses are now looking at rectangular and even circular business cards as a way of setting themselves apart. If you are going to take this approach then ensuring that they can still fit into a wallet or pocket is a great way to provide a practical and yet slightly alternative style of business card.