Why is the quality of a plastic business card so important to my business?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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If you have decided to make the switch to plastic business cards then the chances are that one of the main reasons you chose to make this switch was for quality purposes. Although cardboard and paper business cards can do the job, they are incredibly flimsy and in turn they can become easily damaged, leading to a high turnover and the need to constantly replace them – by investing in good plastic business cards you can help to prevent this.

In addition to providing a relatively robust approach, a high quality business card also allows you to resonate in the memory of your clients by giving them a long-lasting reminder of your business. Paper and cardboard business cards can easily become scrunched, damaged and thrown away, in contrast a plastic business card is far more likely to remain intact and therefore perform its purpose.

Why are plastic business cards such high quality?

In general the high quality nature of plastic business cards is generally attributed to the fact that they are incredibly robust and resilient to the elements. A strong plastic coating on your business card will help to make it water-resistant and relatively immune to damage, this means that you can continue to re-use plastic business cards over a period of time without the need to replace them or re-issue them.

In addition the extra strength and composition of a plastic business card means that it is generally difficult to break and doesn’t damage easily as a cardboard or paper one would.

Why is this important to my business?

If you are looking to promote quality across your business then it’s important that you do it right down to the minor details and this includes your business cards. Every element of your business should exude professionalism and for many people a business card can be the first point of contact that you have with a potential client. This card might be all that they have to identify your company by and therefore making a big impression with it is crucial to drawing in new clients to your business.